One Person Shows

Year Details
2018 Dirt series
Newlyn Art Gallery, 29th September - 5th January 2019
2018 The Vanitas series and related works
The Old Lock Up Gallery, Cromford, Derbyshire, 12th May - 16th June
2017 Vanitas Series
Purdy Hicks Gallery, 6th April - 6th May 2017.
2016 The Seaweed Series
Newlyn Art Gallery 23rd May - 25th June 2016
2015 Death of Nature
Gerald Moore Gallery, London
2014 Death of Nature, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK
Perception and Illusion, Solo exhibition at Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall
The Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, UK
2011 Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
Carney Gallery, Regis College, Boston, Mass, USA
Stoneman Gallery
Nature in Art Museum
2009 Beneath the Surface, Purdy Hicks Gallery, London13th- 25th April
Landscapes, Repton School Art Gallery, 20th April - 26th May
Beneath the Surface, Tregoning Fine Art Gallery, Derby. 24th April
Works on paper, Mediatheque Labecede-Lauragais, France. July 2009
2008 King's School Art School Gallery, Worcester
The Passage of Time, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance.
An Image of Place - Recent Works on Paper, Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives.
2007 Going to Ground, Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.
Jane Deering Fine Art, Boston, Mass.
2005 Familiar Walks, work on paper, Purdy/Hicks Gallery, London.
2004 Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA.
Scanning the ground, Purdy/Hicks Gallery, London.
Sloschberg gallery, Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverly, MA, USA.
2003 Work on Paper, Purdy/Hicks Gallery, London.
Pathless Woods and Lonely Shore, Derby Museum and Art Gallery.
2002 A Sense of Place, Purdy/Hicks Gallery, London.
Gwavas Lake, The Bracknell Gallery, South Hill Park, Berkshire.
2001 Gwavas Lake,Tate Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall. Purdy/Hicks Gallery,
Six Chapel Row, Bath. (with Christopher Cook).
2000 Purdy/Hicks Gallery, London.
Galerie Brennecke, Berlin.
1999 Tregoning Fine Art, The Ashbourne Gallery, Derbyshire.
Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.
Invited Artist, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland.
1998 Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.
The Arts Centre, Plymouth.
Falmouth College of Art Gallery, Falmouth, Cornwall.
1997 Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.
1996 Two-person exhibition, Terrace Gallery, Harewood House, Yorkshire.
Abbot Hall, Kendal.
1995 Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.
Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.
Two-person exhibition, Galerie Bellint, Paris
1994 University of Nottingham Art Gallery, Nottingham.
Atkinson Gallery, Milfield, Somerset, The Stansell Gallery, Taunton, Somerset.
Royal Botanical Gardens Gallery, Edinburgh.
1993 Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.
1992 Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.
The Museum and Art Gallery, Derby.
Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland.
Mead Gallery, Warwick University, Coventry.
Midland Contemporary Art, Birmingham.
1991 Blason Gallery, London.
Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London.
1988 Fabian Carlsson Gallery, London.
Mappin Gallery, Sheffield.
1986 Galeria Akumulatory 2, Poznan, Poland.
1985 Anne Berthoud Gallery, London.
1984 Ian Birksted Gallery, London.
1982 Atlantis Gallery, London.
1981 Ian Birksted Gallery, New York.
1980 Ian Birksted Gallery, London.
Kettle's Yard Gallery, Cambridge.
Matt's Gallery, London.
1978 Ian Birksted Gallery, London.
1976 Acme Gallery, London.